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Charity program for underprivileged schools

Special scholastic chess features


  • Class-, school-, and school district Central Management
  • Online Learning Management (student's progress and game analysis)
  • Student registration by the teacher without email address
  • Smart board or projector demonstration with study mode
  • 100% child safe, advertisement free, and many more.
LearningManagement - Scholastic Chess Student Overview

"The site is ideal for teachers like myself who are not expert chess players themselves but enjoy the game and would like to help students learn to play and enjoy the game of chess."

Manos, English teacher
Greece, 65 students
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"I regularly use the Learning Management feature to check on the activity of my students; it is extremely useful to know who has done what and how they got on with the lessons."

Rita, Chess Coach
Cambridge, UK, 150+ Students
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"It's a real pleasure to learn chess with your website which has a great pedagogic approach. It is a quality tool from which I can get a lot of inspiration for my teaching practice."

Guillaume, Math Teacher
France, 50 Students
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"Ghiyasuddin International School integrated chess into the curriculum, as the first school to do this in Maldives. LearningChess serves 600 students and 20 teachers."

Thoha, Principal
Male, Maldives, 600 Students
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"By incorporating the tools that the web-based program LearningChess.net has to offer, students are able to meld this truly wonderful sport with a modern medium that they feel confident in."

Mario, Teacher
Miami Florida, 200+ Students
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"LearningChess ensures centrally managed, countrywide access to its online chess education material and tools for Czech primary schools and chess clubs."

Czech Chess Federation
600+ schools and chess clubs
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