• QWhat is LearningChess?

    A LearningChess is a worldwide chess education platform for everybody who is interested in playing and learning chess. LearningChess has special scholastic chess features. It is suitable for absolute beginners, amateurs, club players and children. There is no age limit for having fun! Success is guaranteed!

    LearningChess provides many useful features to teachers; this is why it is one of the most popular scholastic chess resources worldwide. To succeed in the field of scholastic chess education you don’t have to be a chess expert with LearningChess, because every teacher can prepare for the lessons by studying our high quality chess instruction content.

    You can read how to start using LearningChess on the Get Started page.

  • QDoes it fit my knowledge and age?

    A LearningChess is recommended not only for children but for beginners, amateurs and professionals also, irrespective of their age.

    The design of the website is playful. This is definitely done so to make it possible for children to become fond of it with a little help from their parents. However, LearningChess is recommended for every playful person, even as a retirement hobby.

    You can be a complete beginner or already know the moves and all the basics, LearningChess will fit your individual needs with a course designed to improve your skills even more. Club players will also find great challenges at LearningChess. Which course is suitable for me? Read more about this here.

  • QCan I use LearningChess in schools or chess clubs?

    A LearningChess has been built up from the very beginning so that it may be used in school education or in a chess clubs in addition to learning at home. That is why the chess courses are divided into 36 lessons to cover the complete school year if one lesson is solved each week. This way the three chess courses provide a syllabus for three years but, of course, it can be completed sooner if more than one lesson is dealt with a week.

    The system may also be used by teachers of a study circle or tutors delivering a private lesson, extending the system with their own explanation.

    School education is of primary importance to us, because chess is one of the best tools to improve several abilities of children (read more about this here). That is why we developed a comprehensive Learning Management System for teachers and coaches. With the help of this system, teachers can easily overview the progress and games of their students. They can also create and manage their access without the need for an email address or other personal identification.

  • QHow can I try it out free of charge?

    A LearningChess is an exclusive web-based application not requiring any installation on your own machine, so it runs on several devices.

    One lesson may be tried absolutely free of charge and without registration in each course at the Chess Courses menu. The play chess option is available for everyone without restriction.

    Still, it is worth using the Free Sign Up option, because you will get even more free lessons and if you go through them successfully, you can test and develop your knowledge by solving enjoyable puzzles. In addition, the new grandmaster lessons are also free of charge. The placement test guides you where you should start using the lessons and the grandmaster lessons help you to get to know the secrets of how grandmasters think during the game.

    If you use the Free Sign Up option, then your games can be saved, revised and shown to your friends or teacher later.

  • QCan I use courses on my PC, Smartphone or Tablet?

    A We introduced 'LearningChess 2' in July 2019, which supports the most popular platforms.
    Please always use the latest browser versions. We recommend Chrome or Firefox.

    PC, Notebook (Windows/Linux) / Mac (macOS)
    Supported via browsers. We recalled the Adobe Flash-based 'LearningChess 1' in December 2019.

    iPhone, iPad (iOS 11+)
    Supported via browsers on landscape mode. We will recall the former iPad app in 2020.

    Tablets, Smart Phones (Android)
    Supported via browsers on landscape mode. We recalled the former Google Play app in December 2019.

    However, there may be devices on which the program cannot run yet, so before purchasing it, please check whether it runs properly on your device by trying out the free lessons.

    Should you find a device on which LearningChess does not operate properly, you are kindly asked to indicate this for us in the Contact Us menu, and our developers will do their best to make the program available on more and more platforms. Until then, you can use our online chess tutor on another device in the family or at the school.

  • QWhich course is suitable for me?

    A If you are a complete beginner it is recommended that you start with the Level 1 - Beginner Chess Course.

    If you qualify as a good chess player at the amateur level, then it is recommended that you start with the Level 2 - Intermediate Chess Course, but you can also try the second part of the Beginner Course.

    If hardly anyone can beat you among your friends, or you are a club player between 1600 and 1800 ELO rating points then try your hand at the Level 3 - Advanced Chess Course, which will prove a hard nut to crack.

    Still, if you need some help to decide on which Course is most suitable for you, you can always try our placement test free of charge.

  • QHow strong of a player could I become after finishing the courses?

    A You can choose from three Chess Courses:

    • After completing Level 1 - Beginner course you will become a good amateur chess player, hardly anyone among your friends will be able to beat you and your Rating points may reach up to 1400.
    • After Level 2 - Intermediate Chess Course you can participate in minor chess tournaments. Your Rating points will be roughly about 1600.
    • After completing Level 3 - Advanced Chess Course your Rating points may rise up to about 1800, which equals a really strong amateur level. You may be successful at a more serious chess tournament, even as a member of a chess club.

  • QWhat does unique success guarantee mean?

    A Similarly to APT/WTA points in tennis, there is a scoring system called 'ELO Rating' points in chess to mark a player's strength. This is the same for men and women. Absolute beginners start from 1000 Rating points and they become strong amateur players when they reach 1800 Rating points.

    You can gain virtual Rating points in LearningChess with each solution in a lesson. These virtual Rating points gained in our system will measure your progress equally to ELO points. If you reach 1700 Rating points while you are learning with us, then your performance will also be about minimum 1700 Rating points in real chess games. LearningChess assumes special guarantee for this, which is not available anywhere else and is called unique success guarantee. If you do not achieve the given level at a FIDE chess tournament, then the price of the courses will be refunded in 100%.

    How does it work? You simply have to go through all four courses and play minimum 25 chess games against our integrated chess program to acquire some practice. Then, enter for a chess tournament and if the level of Rating points you gain there remains below your virtual Rating gained at LearningChess, please inform us and enforce your unique success guarantee.

  • QHow can I follow my development?

    A The results of completing the certain lessons and the time spent on them can always be viewed at each Course. The percentage of the lessons you have already solved can also be seen precisely. We also show you all these for the complete course. Your score will tell you what your strong points are and where you need further improvement or revision.

    You can follow your progress graphically in the My Courses menu item. You can increase your virtual Rating points if you solve a lesson successfully. Your rank also shows your success. You will be an 'Iron Pawn' at the start, and you may go through the bronze, silver, and gold stages to become a 'Golden King' by the time you complete the courses.

  • QHow long will it take me to complete a course?

    A Each lesson contains nearly 30 positions, where you will have to make a move, analyze a position or answer questions, so depending on your personal speed completing a lesson may take 15-45 minutes. You will find a short summary test at the end of each lesson; where you have to answer the questions within limited time.

    At present our website offers you three Chess Courses with 36 lessons in each, so altogether 108 lessons await you with more than 3,500 challenges. At the end of each Course there is a serious comprehensive test which assesses the knowledge you have gained in the given Course.

  • QHow can I log in or delete my account?

    A You - as a home user or teacher - can log in simply with your Facebook account or with your e-mail and password after a Free Sign Up by clicking on the Log In button at the top of the screen.

    After you singed up with your e-mail your account to be activated according to the instructions sent to your e-mail address. If you cannot see the e-mail from LearningChess in your inbox it was probably placed in your Spam or Junk mail folder. If you still cannot receive the confirmation e-mail, please Contact Us.

    You can change your password or renew your forgotten password in our system but your e-mail is fixed. If you want to change your e-mail from any reason, please Contact us directly.

    If you want to delete your e-mail address and other personal data provided by you or stored automatically in, you are asked to login, select the ’My Account’ menu, and choose the ’Delete Account’ option. Read more about that in our Privacy Policy.

    You - as a student – can login with your scholastic username (e.g. JohnS@MYTEACHER) and password. Only the teacher can change or set back the forgotten student passwords. Scholastic Chess accounts can be deleted only by the teacher, who added the student to

    You can delete your account permanently in the My Account menu. Please type your password at the bottom of the screen, then click/tap on the Delete account button. We delete all of your data and activity record in this case, according to our Privacy Policy.

  • QCan I try the knowledge I gained?

    A You can try it in the Tactics Trainer menu at any time, where you can find unlimited test in different chess themes. A free Placement Test is also waiting for you here.

    You can play chess with our integrated chess program at different levels. Start playing chess here. Enjoy yourself!

  • QCan I solve one lesson several times and go over it again?

    A The tasks can be solved several times, so you may gain a really deep level of knowledge by practicing. Simply click on the down arrow at the lesson name and click on the Restart button.

  • QCan it be used only alone or also in a group?

    A The system can be used alone, with your friends, in a class, or at a chess club, even with some help or guidance from parents or teachers.

  • QWhat is our teaching method like?

    A In a few words: playful, interactive, adaptive, unique and proven.

    Using our interactive system you take part in a playful learning process. Contrary to the obsolete Internet systems, the scope of training LearningChess offers is wider than the usual 'what move would you make here?' questions. All this is presented in a humorous, playful manner.

    Short explanations and unique questions help you to understand the theoretical background and chess tactics. Strategy is also taught by highlighting certain pieces and squares on the chess board. The material is reinforced with playful drawings and animations as well as a tutorial system to enable deeper understanding. LearningChess is fun to use and easy to navigate.

    Every problem comes with several hints, but if you cannot figure out the solution, you have the option of requesting the correct answer. LearningChess intelligently adapts to your knowledge. Did you not succeed? No problem, you will get more similar tasks. Did you solve the problem at your first try? Then you can jump to the next topic.

    Each lesson starts with a brief revision of the previous material, followed by the body of the lesson where you can acquire the new material. It ends with a short, exciting revision test, which also measures the time and your score. A lesson lasts 40 minutes on the average but it can be interrupted at any time and continued later from the same stage, which is really useful for younger children.

    We based the content on Hungarian chess education methods, which has serious traditions and a leading role in chess education. As a result we have more than 150,000 users, who have access to our content developed by international grandmasters.

  • QWill there be further Chess Courses or other extensions?

    A Yes, we are working on the more detailed elaboration of certain areas of chess and our registered users will be informed about it very soon, according to our expectations. We can promise you one thing for sure: our existing users can expect a serious discount of the otherwise also really favourable price, while we intend to extend the scope of free content constantly.