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GM Jozsef Pinter offers you instructive lessons from tournament practice.

Grandmaster Jozsef Pinter

Coaching, tutorial activities:

  • Leading instructor at the Hungarian junior chess school
  • A coach for Zsuzsa Polgar and later Zsofia Polgar at the beginning
  • Coach for junior players, captain for the junior national team
  • Captain for the Hungarian adult Olympic team


  • Olympic team silver medalist, European Club Cup champion,
  • Hungarian individual champion twice, French Cup winner,
  • Croatian Cup winner, Spanish team champion twice,
  • Winner of several prestigious international competitions
  • Author of fascinating chess books

Highest world ranking list position: 23

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Lesson Information
A spectacular and forced combination decides over the battle between the top grandmaster and the former European Champion. Do not miss it.
1. Mate in seven moves, a real gem
Lesson Information
Exciting sacrifices in a sequence in a game of a world champion candidate, who was one of the strongest players in his time.
2. Series of sacrifices
Lesson Information
Making use of more active pieces against a future world champion candidate in an endgame.
3. Tactical motives in an endgame
Lesson Information
Kings in the firing line. Observe the art of counterattacking from close.
4. Heavy artillery in the battle
Lesson Information
Find the only winning moves - as the Grandmaster did
5. The thin red line
Lesson Information
Surprise your opponent in a seemingly lost position and lead a mating attack against the black king left in the centre.
6. Pawn mate in the centre
Lesson Information
A really short blitz game between the founder of Microsoft and the newly crowned chess world champion
7. Bill Gates mated by Magnus Carlsen in 9 moves
Lesson Information
White uses a rook as bait, and Black takes it. With a more careful play, he could have won. (Difficulty level: easy)
8. A deceptive bait
Lesson Information
A wonderful combination leads to an exceptional mate with two knights in the middlegame
9. The charging knights
Lesson Information
A rarely played gambit that can quickly decide the game if you are not prepared
10. The secrets of the Englund gambit
Lesson Information
The queen is the strongest and most elusive piece. Let's see an exciting combination from a recent game, where the queen still gets trapped in the middle of the board.
11. Queen in the cage
Lesson Information
Advanced connected pawns are extremely dangerous in an endgame. Prokes demonstrates what motives can be used to win against these pawns in a beautiful endgame
12. Endgame composition - Rook against the pawns
Lesson Information
You can see the best combination from the FIDE World Candidates Tournament 2014, where Mamedyarov beat Arionian, who is second on the world ranking list.
13. A hot combination against a super grandmaster
Lesson Information
Reshevsky, once a chess prodigy, US Grandmaster had one of his off days against the Yugoslavian Champion, Ivanovic.
14. Force mate against Fischer's rival
Lesson Information
Computer vs Human. Back to 1989 - eight years before Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov.
15. An old computer story
Lesson Information
There are surprising possibilities to save the game even in lost positions
16. A renewed drawing combination
Lesson Information
Super grandmasters can calculate forcing variations 20 moves ahead. Try out yourself on a seven move combination from a recent game between Ponomariov and Vallejo Pons.
17. The Magnificent Seven Checks - Bilbao Masters
Lesson Information
We celebrate Judit Polgar's fantastic career with this combination. She has just retired from competitive chess.
18. Judit Polgar has retired from competitive chess
Lesson Information
You have to expect the unexpected when your king position is weak.
19. Black lighting
Lesson Information
Solve a mini-combination from the young Slovak chess talent, Jergus,
20. Jergus, the Slovak chess talent
Lesson Information
The endgame combinations are rare but beautiful. This lesson also teaches you the problem of the overloaded pieces.
21. The Overloaded Queen in the Endgame
Lesson Information
The opening traps can be really dangerous. You can see a queen trap combination in the Rubinstein variation of the Nimzo-Indian defence in this lesson.
22. Nimzo-Indian surprise
Lesson Information
Solve a mini-combination from the young Hungarian chess talent, Alex
23. Double destruction by Alex
Lesson Information
We do not know whether the spectators really threw gold pieces on the board after the winning queen move but Marshall himself insisted on the legend.
24. The 'shower of gold'
Lesson Information
Svidler could think that this queen and opposite colored bishop endgames was draw but Krasenkow calculated further.
25. The self-sacrificing pawn
Lesson Information
Unique double attack combinations in a Closed Sicilian miniature
26. Double double-attack
Lesson Information
The greatest number of queens that have ever appeared in a game simultaneously was most probably in Alekhine's five queen game.
27. Five queens on the board
Lesson Information
The two knights attack is a dangerous weapon against Caro-Kann with many traps.
28. Opening trap in Caro-Kann
Lesson Information
Benjamin Gledura, the young Hungarian chess talent brought us one of his best combinations against his grandmaster opponent.
29. Benji beats a grandmaster
Lesson Information
Endgame tactics are always beautiful. Take a look at this exceptional endgame combination from tournament practice.
30. Endgame tactics: Pawns against a rook
Lesson Information
Take a look at a typical attack in the middlegame against French Defense.
31. Typical French
Lesson Information
Kings do not like the center of the board because something always happens to them.
32. No country for old kings
Lesson Information
Double check, discovered check, double attack, clearance, skewer - all of these in four moves.
33. All in One
Lesson Information
Alekhine is known for his fierce and imaginative attacking style, combined with great positional and endgame skill. But he is also known for his simultaneous blindfold game records.
34. Simultaneous game
Lesson Information
Active senior players hardly get demented. GM Viktor Korchnoi was still on the top in the age of 75 when he won the senior world championship in big field.
35. Checkmating Alzheimer's Disease
Lesson Information
Do you know what the young Magnus Carlsen, Hou Yifan, Fabio Caruana and Hikaru Nakamura had in common?
36. Where grandmasters are born
Lesson Information
Fisher was totally lost in 12 moves after Garcia Palermo's brilliant move in Argentina, 1970. Try out this lesson to learn how!
37. How Fischer lost in 12 moves?
Lesson Information
Patterns can help us in typical positions to win the game or avoid mate.
38. The art of Attack: Pattern Recognition
Lesson Information
Follow this miniature chess game, where black captured all gambit pawns...
39. Accept or decline gambits
Lesson Information
The Advance Variation of the French Defense usually leads to long positional battles, but sometimes it runs wild...
40. Positional play runs wild
Lesson Information
Gain insight into the mysteries of endgame from the new book by GM Jozsef Pinter
41. 7 men endgame
Lesson Information
You can see an easy to fall opening trap from the Spanish opening also called Ruy Lopez.
42. Spanish opening trap
Lesson Information
An unexpected blocking move by Bobby Fischer decides the game.
43. Unexpected move by Bobby Fischer
Lesson Information
A small mistake and the bishop pair decides the game.
44. The power of the bishop pair
Lesson Information
Carlsen retains the World Championship title after a long battle against Karjakin. Check out the exceptional final move of the match.
45. Exceptional final move from Carlsen
Lesson Information
A fantastic stalemate combination inspired by an early game.
46. Life saving checks
Lesson Information
Richard Rapport defeated Magnus Carlsen beautifully in Tata Steel Masters, 2017.
47. Rapport beats Carlsen with queen sacrifice
Lesson Information
Karpov takes his last chance to win in a difficult position.
48. Karpov turns the tide of the battle
Lesson Information
Giambattista Lolli plays again Domenico Ercole Del Rio. We are in Modena, the date is 1755.
49. A Romantic Italian Song
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