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You get thorough opening knowledge with white and black from this course.
Choose it as your first opening repertoire or for playing online games.

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Lesson Information
Learn how to use this course and how to master openings with our new method.
1. Introduction & How to use this course
Lesson Information
World champions have played Ng5 against the Two Knights Defense. Why don't you try it, too?
2. Two knights defense 1 - counterplay with Ng5
Lesson Information
Sacrifice your knight on f7-, and your opponent will be "dead as a piece of liver", as the Italian idiom says.
3. Two knights defense 2 - Fried liver attack (Nxf7)
Lesson Information
Your opponent can try to trick you with b5-. However, if you know the remedy, you will have the upper hand.
4. Two knights defense 3 - Ulvestad variation (b5)
Lesson Information
Another rare but tricky line. Do not worry, you will get the recipe in this lesson.
5. Two knights defense 4 - Fritz variation (Nd4)
Lesson Information
A very sharp counterattack with Black. We show you the best moves.
6. Two knights defense 5 - Traxler gambit (Bc5)
Lesson Information
The Evans Gambit is an active line of the Giuoco Piano. You will surely enjoy it.
7. Evans gambit - Ba5 main line
Lesson Information
You can learn from this lesson how to handle the critical position after move seven.
8. Evans gambit - variations on the move 7
Lesson Information
The unexpected Qb3 move from Tartakower leads to a very sharp position in the Evans gambit.
9. Evans gambit - Tartakower attack (Qb3)
Lesson Information
Morphy, the famous tactician, also played the Evans Gambit. Let's follow in the master's footsteps.
10. Evans gambit - Morphy vs. McDonnell defense
Lesson Information
Prepare for the Petroff defense with an asymmetrical variation.
11. Petroff defense - Steinitz variation (d4)
Lesson Information
Your opponent can try to surprise you with rare openings after 1.e4 e5, 2. Nf3. If they had known your preparation…
12. Philidor defense and rare e4 e5, Nf3 lines
Lesson Information
We can avoid the main lines with active play in the Alekhine defense, too.
13. Alekhine defense - Saemisch attack (Nc3)
Lesson Information
Bias the positional players to an unknown tactical territory. They will feel uncomfortable, I'm sure.
14. Caro-Kann defense - Fantasy variation (f3)
Lesson Information
French players like to play a closed position. We do not give them this pleasure.
15. French defense - Exchange variation with c4
Lesson Information
You have to be well prepared to win against the seemingly innocent Scandinavian.
16. Scandinavian defense 1
Lesson Information
The Scandinavian defense has so many variations that one lesson was not enough to cover them.
17. Scandinavian defense 2
Lesson Information
We teach you a time-proven setup against the Pirc and Modern defenses.
18. Pirc and Modern defenses - 150 attack
Lesson Information
Nobody likes to play against the mighty Sicilian because Black usually enforces his/her will. But not in the Morra gambit.
19. Sicilian defense - Morra gambit accepted 1
Lesson Information
Black has to defend heavily after accepting the gambit pawn.
20. Sicilian defense - Morra gambit accepted 2
Lesson Information
What if Black is cautious and does not accept the gambit pawn?
21. Sicilian defense - Morra gambit declined 1
Lesson Information
There are many ways to decline the Morra gambit. You have to be prepared for all of them.
22. Sicilian defense - Morra gambit declined 2
Lesson Information
The Petroff is your main weapon against 1.e4. It looks drawish, but there are quite many sharp lines in it.
23. Petroff defense - main line
Lesson Information
A surprising retreat and an incorrect sacrifice. You have no problems if you are well prepared.
24. Petroff defense - Nimzowitsch & Cochrane
Lesson Information
You can play this sharp line with White and Black as well.
25. Petroff defense - Steinitz variation
Lesson Information
Accept the gambit and concentrate on piece play rather than keeping the extra pawn.
26. King's gambit - Abbazia defense
Lesson Information
Play against the old-style Vienna with simple but correct moves.
27. Vienna game
Lesson Information
You also have to be prepared against the rare second moves after 1. e4 e5.
28. Bishop's opening, Center game, Goring gambit
Lesson Information
Avoid the long strategic lines and accept the gambit pawn.
29. Queen's gambit accepted 1 (3.Nf3)
Lesson Information
Undermine White's strong center with active moves.
30. Queen's gambit accepted 2 (3.e4)
Lesson Information
Hinder White's development by playing unusual moves on the queenside.
31. Queen's gambit accepted 3 (3.Nc3)
Lesson Information
It is not difficult to equalize the position against these rare lines.
32. Queen's gambit accepted 4 (Qa4+ & g3)
Lesson Information
Attack your opponent already in the opening. London players do not like it.
33. London system (Bf4)
Lesson Information
Answer with rare moves to the rare lines.
34. Colle system - Torre attack - Lewitzky attack
Lesson Information
Transform the English opening to Tarrasch, and your opponent can forget his/her preparation.
35. Tarrasch defense against the English opening
Lesson Information
Don't be confused by the rare flank opening. Check your plan against 1.b3 and 1.b4.
36. Flank opening (1.b3 or b4)
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