Level 3 - Advanced Course

If you can hardly find anyone to beat you among your friends, then try your hand at this Course. You strength may reach 1800 Rating points or higher if you take it.

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The saying goes that making a move is an advantage. But just ask those players who got in a zugzwang. In a what???
1. Zugzwang
Lesson Information
Block your opponent's pieces or even a part of the chessboard. We show you how.
2. Blocking
Lesson Information
We already know that a pin is a dangerous weapon but only for those who master it. Will you be among them?
3. Using Pins
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We already know deflection as a tactical possibility. Let's see some really interesting examples from tournament practice.
4. Using Deflections
Lesson Information
Direct your opponent's pieces through an invisible thread. You are eager to know how?
5. Using Decoys
Lesson Information
After moving away a piece another piece may already attack. Try to make use of this unexpected advantage.
6. Delivering Discovered Attacks
Lesson Information
Come and learn a very dangerous weapon when a piece gives check after moving away a another piece.
7. Delivering Discovered Check
Lesson Information
Can you see through the pieces? Well, this is true, in a way. Learn this special tactical motive.
8. The X-Ray Attack
Lesson Information
Your opponent likes to make combinations but sometimes erroneously. You have to realise it, though...
9. Incorrect Combinations
Lesson Information
Is the bishop or the knight stronger in the middlegame? It is difficult to decide but you will get some help to do so.
10. A Knight Against a Bishop in the Middlegame
Lesson Information
Your pieces will be comfortable if they can move to several squares. They will show you their gratitude for this.
11. Winning with Activity
Lesson Information
They will not hurt each other, much rather your opponent's. Find out which piece is stronger in a position.
12. Opposite-colored Bishops in the Middlegame
Lesson Information
We sometimes just feel what the good move is. Listen to your instincts and make bold sacrifices.
13. Intuitive Sacrifices
Lesson Information
A good preparation is necessary for long plans. You can do some preparations here.
14. Advanced Planning
Lesson Information
This is not what is seems to be. It is only about two pawns left alone fighting shoulder to shoulder.
15. Hanging Pawns
Lesson Information
The best defense is attack. Take a look how this is true in chess.
16. Active Defense, Counterplay
Lesson Information
Good players calculate several moves in advance. Would you like to know how they do it?
17. Variation Calculation 1
Lesson Information
Learn further rules for choosing among the possible moves. This will not be so difficult, I promise.
18. Variation Calculation 2
Lesson Information
You cannot win without taking some risks. The same is also true for chess.
19. Taking a Risk
Lesson Information
It you take the initiative you are halfway to victory but you have to fight for this. Let's see how.
20. Fighting for the Initiative
Lesson Information
Is a castle impenetrable? Not necessarily. Sacrifices act like a bomb sometimes.
21. Destructive Sacrifices
Lesson Information
Is the position stiffened? Do you have no plans at all? Try a breakthrough in the centre.
22. Breaking Through in the Center
Lesson Information
The saying goes that less is sometimes more. This is rarely true in chess but this is that rare case now.
23. The Minority Attack
Lesson Information
The sacrifice of the exchange is a modern weapon, which is unexpected and often works well. Have a look at positions where it works.
24. Exchange Sacrifices
Lesson Information
Brave pawns may break through your opponent's defending wall even in the endgame. Still, do not rush forward, do it cleverly.
25. Pawn Endgames - Pawn Break
Lesson Information
Always leave a reserve move for yourself. Several pawn endgames depend on this.
26. Pawn Endgames - Reserve Tempo
Lesson Information
You may avoid some certain-looking defeats with a clever defense. Let's see some examples to this in pawn endgames.
27. Pawn Endgames - Defense
Lesson Information
The eternal opponents meet in the endgame now. Who will be the winner now?
28. A Knight Against a Bishop in the Endgame
Lesson Information
Do you think a rook can always win against a pawn? Well, it is not sure, you are right.
29. Rook Endgames - A Rook Against a Pawn 1
Lesson Information
Take a look at some further interesting endgame battles between David and Goliath.
30. Rook Endgames - A Rook Against a Pawn 2
Lesson Information
An interesting title. If you do not know what it means, you can learn it here. All I reveal is that you will not be disappointed.
31. Rook Endgames - Frontal Assault and Activity
Lesson Information
After simplifying the position you may win faster or take the wind out of your opponent’s attack. Let's see how.
32. Simplifying the Position
Lesson Information
Resigning is very elegant but do not be so hasty. You will see why.
33. Never Give Up Too Early
Lesson Information
Enjoy the beauties of chess, take a look at better and better combinations.
34. Selected Combinations
Lesson Information
Chess problems are the height of the game. I think you can also solve them now.
35. Chess Compositions, Studies
Lesson Information
You have reached the final test. Do you think you will manage? It goes without saying.
36. Advanced Course - Achievement Test
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