Level 2 - Intermediate Course

You already beat beginners easily but defeating better chess players proves a hard nut to crack? You can develop your knowledge further here. You strength may reach 1600 Rating points if you take it.

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The hinterland has to be paid attention to but several players forget about it. Prevent or make use of this typical mistake.
1. The Weakness of the Back Rank
Lesson Information
No mate can be given without attacking. Learn the major rules.
2. Principles of Attacking 1
Lesson Information
Learn further secrets about attacking. Surprise your opponent with them.
3. Principles of Attacking 2
Lesson Information
A king in the middle of a battlefield? Fiiiire!
4. The King Left in the Center
Lesson Information
Castles in the firing line. Whose troops will break through first?
5. Castling to Opposite Sides
Lesson Information
You already know that the pieces have to be developed in the opening. Be quicker and make use of the advantage.
6. Development Advantage
Lesson Information
The defense is vulnerable, especially if some stable points are destroyed. We help you to find these.
7. Elimination of the Defense
Lesson Information
Control the majority of the chessboard and the victory is nearly guaranteed. But why?
8. Space Advantage
Lesson Information
Be a real war lord and keep placing your troops to the best position.
9. Positioning the Pieces
Lesson Information
Find your opponent's weak squares and launch a winning attack.
10. Weak Squares
Lesson Information
Pawns are strong in a group but weak alone. But how can it be exploited?
11. Pawn Weaknesses
Lesson Information
Surprise your opponent. Your bishop can strike from a distance in the middlegame if you know how to do so.
12. The Bishops in the Middlegame
Lesson Information
A knight can do unexpected things in the middlegame. Learn some surprising tricks.
13. The Knights in the Middlegame
Lesson Information
Advanced pawns may soon be promoted. But even in the middlegame? This will be really interesting.
14. A Passed Pawn in the Middlegame
Lesson Information
Rooks to the open file. - shouted the general, and he was right. Do you know why?
15. The Rooks in the Middlegame
Lesson Information
The queen is a dangerous mate giving piece even in the middlegame. Or is she bound hand and foot sometimes?
16. The Queen in the Middlegame
Lesson Information
A clever exchange may win the whole war. But which exchange is a good one?
17. Exchanging Pieces
Lesson Information
How should we fight if we cannot break through in the middle of the board? There is the method for this. Are you interested?
18. Closed Centers
Lesson Information
If everything is open, we can attack freely... just like our opponent. It will be a good battle.
19. Open Centers
Lesson Information
Obstacles in the battlefield; dodge them or use them as a cover.
20. Fixed Centers
Lesson Information
A pawn march in the middle is a dangerous thing. Get to know this effective attacking possibility.
21. Mobile Centers
Lesson Information
I have a winning position, ... or not? The correct evaluation of the position shows you the right direction how to continue the game.
22. Evaluating the Position
Lesson Information
The precondition of a winning battle is a good stratagem. Can you also make plans like this?
23. Planning
Lesson Information
Ruin your opponent's best plans with an unexpected move. You are eager to know how, are you not?
24. Unexpected Moves
Lesson Information
There is no perpetual-motion machine. Except for chess. Do you believe it?
25. Giving Perpetual Check
Lesson Information
Even the best piece should not be overburdened with tasks, because it may collapse easily. Let's see how.
26. Overloaded Pieces
Lesson Information
Make the way free for your pieces and win the game. Learn about the possibility of clearance.
27. The Clearance
Lesson Information
You need not find out everything again. Discover some openings, where you cannot be surprised.
28. Opening Preparation
Lesson Information
Endgames are often decided by a promotion. An advanced pawn is always highly dangerous.
29. Passed Pawns in the Endgame
Lesson Information
The situation may be difficult in the endgame with even two pawns. Finding your way about in positions like this is well worth it.
30. Advanced Pawn Endgames 1
Lesson Information
Get to know even more tips and tricks in endgames with several pawns.
31. Advanced Pawn Endgames 2
Lesson Information
The fight between rooks and pawns is always really exciting. Be the winner of these situations.
32. Advanced Rook Endgames
Lesson Information
Can a queen always win against weaker pieces? Of course not.
33. Advanced Queen Endgames
Lesson Information
This is a difficult thing, even experienced chess players cannot always manage. We show you the most simple way.
34. Mate by a Bishop and a Knight
Lesson Information
Several players think there are no surprises in the endgame. This lesson is for them...
35. Endgame Tactics
Lesson Information
In addition to your opponent's pieces time will also work against you but we do think that you will be able to cope with the tasks.
36. Intermediate Course - Achievement Test
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