Level 1 - Beginner Course

Would you like to play chess but you are an absolute beginner or only know the moves? This course is just for you. Your strength may reach 1400 Rating points if you take it.

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Lesson Information
Map the chess board, get to know the chess pieces.
1. The Chessboard and the Pieces
Lesson Information
Learn the moves to make your pieces obey you all the time.
2. How the Pieces Move
Lesson Information
There are special moves many amateurs do not know. What about you?
3. Special Moves
Lesson Information
Take a glance at the not so simple private life of a king. Lead an attack but be careful, because you may also get in danger.
4. The Life of a Chess King
Lesson Information
Let's start with the most simple positions, practice giving mate in one move.
5. Mate in One Move
Lesson Information
The queen is a really mobile piece, it is easy to give mate with a queen. Or not?
6. Mate by a Queen
Lesson Information
The rook is also a quick moving piece and can give mate - with the support of your own king. But how?
7. Mate by a Rook
Lesson Information
Can you not give mate with two bishops? You can learn how to do so here.
8. Mate by Two Bishops
Lesson Information
It is easier to give mate with several pieces, still, you have to know how. Have a look.
9. Basic Mate Configurations
Lesson Information
A good start of a game is the first step toward victory. Learn the secrets.
10. Introduction to Chess Openings
Lesson Information
The middle of the game is always very exciting. It is easy to gain a decisive advantage or to make a mistake.
11. Introduction to Chess Middlegames
Lesson Information
Winning, losing or draw? There are more possibilities than you would imagine.
12. How a Game Can End
Lesson Information
Figure out a winning plan and realise it. Make combinations.
13. Combination basics
Lesson Information
A sacrifice is one of the most beautiful things in chess. Sacrifice your pieces and win the game.
14. The Sacrifice
Lesson Information
Learn how you can deflect your opponent's defending pieces to achieve victory.
15. The Deflection
Lesson Information
Force your opponent's figures to move to a poisoned square and win the game nicely.
16. The Decoy
Lesson Information
A pin is a dangerous weapon in chess, so you had better prepare thoroughly.
17. The Pin and the Skewer
Lesson Information
Learning some never-failing methods is not harmful.
18. Typical Combinations 1
Lesson Information
Some more never-failing methods, you cannot have too much of a good thing.
19. Typical Combinations 2
Lesson Information
The army has to march for the battle but it does matter how.
20. Development Tales
Lesson Information
The safety of the king is above anything else. We show you how to protect the king.
21. The Safety of the King
Lesson Information
The middle of the board plays an important role in the whole game. It has to be occupied but how?
22. The Center
Lesson Information
Activity is also important in chess. Make the best use of the power of your pieces.
23. Activity
Lesson Information
Pawns sometimes charge, sometimes build a defending wall. It will be you who decides which is better now.
24. Pawn Structures
Lesson Information
At the end of the game there are fewer pieces but no fewer beautiful solutions.
25. Introduction to Chess Endgames
Lesson Information
The pawns are the protagonists in endgames. You can win easily with your pawns if you know the ropes.
26. The Basics of Pawn Endgames 1
Lesson Information
Learn some more tricks in a pawn endgame.
27. The Basics of Pawn Endgames 2
Lesson Information
Rooks are also frequent players in endgames. You will be able to do wonders with rooks if you learn some basic ideas.
28. The Basics of Rook Endgames
Lesson Information
Knights move slowly, which is not advantageous in the endgame, still, if you know some stunts they will get wings.
29. The Basics of Knight Endgames
Lesson Information
Bishops can move on opposite colours, which makes the end of the battle extremely interesting.
30. The Basics of Bishop Endgames
Lesson Information
The omnipotent queens are the ladies of the endgame but if you know their weak points you can cajole them.
31. The Basics of Queen Endgames
Lesson Information
Free movement lead to quick and dangerous battles. Is it your style, perhaps?
32. Open Positions
Lesson Information
Have the opposing forces stiffened? Is winning possible?
33. Closed Positions
Lesson Information
Manoeuvring is the most important thing in semi-open positions. Learn how to do it.
34. Semi-open Positions
Lesson Information
Feints have already won many a war. You should also use them.
35. Gambits
Lesson Information
The main role is yours now. If you have gone through the previous lessons thoroughly, then solving the test will be no problem, however, mind the time.
36. Beginner Course - Achievement Test
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