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Would you like to play chess but you are an absolute beginner or only know the moves? This course is just for you. Your strength may reach 1400 Rating points if you take it.
1. Level 1 - Beginner Course
Course Information
You already beat beginners easily but defeating better chess players proves a hard nut to crack? You can develop your knowledge further here. You strength may reach 1600 Rating points if you take it.
2. Level 2 - Intermediate Course
Course Information
If you can hardly find anyone to beat you among your friends, then try your hand at this Course. You strength may reach 1800 Rating points or higher if you take it.
3. Level 3 - Advanced Course
Course Information
You get thorough opening knowledge with white and black from this course.
Choose it as your first opening repertoire or for playing online games.
4. Active opening repertoire
Course Information
GM Jozsef Pinter offers you 50 free instructive lessons from tournament practice.
5. Grandmaster Lessons
Course Information
Playful chess, logic, and math development for kids.
Find more tasks and games for LogiQ Board in our new book.
6. The Board Buddies in LogiQ Land
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